Examination schedule

Faculty of Law

B.A. in Law  | Full time learning   | Distance learning  | Part time learning  |

Law and European public administration |Full time learning |Part time learning |

European Union Law|Full time learning

Criminal Science |Full time learning | 


Finance and banking  |Full time learning |Distance learning  | Part time learning  | 

The economics of trade, tourism and services |Full time learning  |Distance learning  |

Accounting and business management |Full time learning  | Part time learning  | 

Financial public and private management | Full time learning | 

Business Financial Management in the European Space| IF | 

Business management of Trade and Tourism | Full time learning | 

Audit and Public and Private auditing| Full time learning | 

Bio-economics management in the context of Sustainable Growth | IF | 

Shipping and International Trade and Finance | IF | 

Faculty of Communication and International Relations

Communication and Public Relations | Full time learning  | Distance learning |

International Relations and European studies |Full time learning |

Managerial Assistance and Secretariat |Full time learning |

International Business and Economics |Full time learning   |