1. strengthening the existing relationships through the creation of specific activities that would bring closer partners (joint study programs, organizing specific activities, such as Honors courses);

2. lucrative use of the existing academic partnerships by increasing the mobility, to the possible extent;

3. the involvement of European universities with which we are in partnership in the development and exploitation of European projects;

4. promoting internationally the Danubius University;

5. promoting the internationalization process of the Danubius University by creating a relation at the level of observer within all major specific events (national and international fairs with international participation, well-known international events);

6. opening new lines of development of academic relations at international level especially in the extra-community area, exploiting all the opportunities of the moment;

7. encouraging and developing teacher mobility for teaching, academic development and scientific research;

8. the international promotion of the university in order to boost the “incoming” mobility for students, doctoral students, post-doctoral students, researchers and teachers.


Associate Professor Emanuel-Ştefan Marinescu, PhD