Buddy system

Welcome! Bienvenue! Bienvenido! Benvenuto! Kalós orísate! Hos geldin!

Welcome to Danubius University! We hope your stay in Galati will be a valuable student experience and you will like it as much as we will. In order to make you feel comfortable and in order for you to enjoy it we created a Buddy system, which will help you arrive to the university, get settled and discover the various opportunities that you will have access to during your stay at our university. Through this social platform, a Danubius student will be happy to help you out with accomodation, with documents to be registered once arrived in Romania, with emergency cases that might occur, with the opportunities that Danubius University prepared for its incoming students as well as all the fun and events taking place within Galati, in paralel with others within the country, in places you might be interested in seeing with your new friends.

A student will be voluntarily assigned to you and will keep in touch with you even before arriving in Galati, throughout your stay, available for all matters that will interest you. He will represent an ambassador of Galati, Romania, the university itself, moreover he will be a trustful friend to be reached whenever you need.
Fell free to contact us whenever you want for further inquiries!