Practical information

Planning your Erasmus experience at Danubius University

This page covers the most important aspects that should be taken into consideration when preparing your Erasmus experience at Danubius University of Galati. In order to help you better organise your priorities, we offer our support in the most important matters such as accomodation, cost of living, extracurricular activities and leisure time, student facilities, health insurance, meals, medical support, travelling to Romania and within the country, banking, orientation, visas and residence permit.


At the current point, Danubius University can offer you a limited number of available rooms in the campus, for an accesible price per month.
The Erasmus+ office team and your Danubuddy can also help you find alternative solutions within Galati, in the areas you are most interested in. The average cost of renting an apartment is around 150 euro/month for 1-room appartment and 200-250 euro/month for 2-rooms appartments.

Costs of living in Romania

Costs of living in Romania are accesible for students, whether you prefer to travel within the country, to enjoy a good meal in the city, buy groceries for yourself, souvenirs or any other needs that you may have. In order to have an idea on which are the prices for the basic things you may need during your stay in Galati, here are some average prices:

Bread: 2,3 RON = 0,51 euros
10 eggs: 5 RON = 1,12 euros
Coca Cola: 5 RON = 1,12 euros
Bottle of water: 2 RON = 0,44 euros
Cheese: 18 RON/ kilo = 4,03 euros
Pizza: 19 RON = 4,26 euros
1 Kilo of apples: 2,79 RON = 0,62 euros
1 Kilo of oranges: 2,79 RON = 0,62 euros
Fruit juice: 3,4 RON = 0,76 euros
*Note: the prices many vary from different shops

In Galati, you will be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh cheese and meat from the local market or you can go and purchase them all from diverse supermarkets such as Kaufland, Billa, Auchan, Carrefour supermarket, METRO etc.

In regard to local transportation the prices for one way ticket within Galati city, to diverse stations, is about 1,5 RON, which equals 0,33 euros.
In addition, in case you may be interested in travelling within the country, from Galati, the usual ticket bus prices for most visited cities are:
• Bucharest: 62 RON = 13,90 euros
• Brasov: 50 RON = 11,21 euros
• Cluj: 100 RON = 22,42 euros
• Iasi:55 RON = 12,33 euros
• Timisoara:100 RON = 22,42 euros
• Constanta: 50 RON = 11,21 euros
Train tickets have similar prices, depending on your travelling prefferences.

Extracurricular activities and leisure time
Galati city is one of the biggest cities in Romania and it combines both natural beauties with modern views and various options to spend free time outdoors or indoors. Once in Galati, you will be able to enjoy the Danube seafront, the local botanic garden and its astronomical observatory, the Museums of History as well as the Museum of Visual Arts and the Cristian Spirituality, Culture and History Museum of Lower Danube, in the city center. The vintage architecture will give you a clue on the historical print of the city and multiple activities are organised frequently at the local libraries, V.A. Urechia library and Eugene Ionesco private library, which contains numerous materials in French and promotes French Culture.
You will also have access to local gyms and swimming pools as well as night clubs, dancing clubs, theatres, or other varieties of group activities that you may be interested in joining during your stay.

Student facilities
As a Danubius student you will have access to all student facilities that the university prepared for its students, which include access to its own library, a judicial laboratory, an Apple lab and a television studio, the Danubius Student League, the campus cafeteria and sports center.
All Erasmus student will also receive a personal Danubius email address similar to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Health insurance
Regarding the health insurance aspect, as an Erasmus student you will be required to have one before arriving in Galati. The international office of your host university will help you get your European Insurance Card before coming to Romania and this document will help you get medical care within Galati, Romania and other EU countries. In addition to this, during your stay in Galati, you will receive our support for health emergencies in local state or private medical institutions, with the help of our Erasmus office team and your Danubuddy.
You are highly adviced to bring with yourself all the documentation that you used to have when going to your own, local doctor in case of previous medical emergencies, personal allergies or any other medical aspect that might be relevant.

Erasmus+ office
The Erasmus+ office will be the one that will help you with the necessary documentation of your Erasmus study or traineeship mobility. Our team will assist you before and during your Erasmus experience and it will also inform you about the Danubuddy system.
The Danubuddy system is a platform of Danubius University's students who are volunteering to help international students coming to Danubius, in order to better get involved within the campus and better get integrated within the local activities, possibilities and local society and culture. More specifically, the Danubuddy you will be assigned to have will contact you before arriving in Galati and will help you during your stay with the things you will be needing, such as Galati tours and presentation of its main attractions and activities, he/she will also be in charge of helping you out with your documentation and residence permit application, emergency cases, local telephone services, local transportation information, recommendations of touristic places to visit, bookstores, cafes, restaurants, etc. Also, your Danubuddy can help you in the orientation period, when you will be presented the courses you will have to attend, the teachers of your department, the grades' system, the library's facilities etc.

The banking system in Romania is a very flexible one and it will allow you to use your credit card, either VISA, Mastercard, etc. and you will be able to exchange your money, either US dollars, Euros, British pound, Turkish lira, etc. You can exchange your money in local banks (Transilvania Bank, BRD – Groupe Société Générale, BCR – Romanian Comercial Bank, ING Group Bank, etc ) or in specific exchange office within the city.

Visas and residence permit
All EU and EEA students do not need to apply for a VISA in order to come to Romania yet they are strongly adviced to have their passports with them and personal identity cards.
If the mobility is longer than three months, students have to register at Galati County Immigration Service in order to receive a registration certificate. Your coordinator from the Erasmus+ Office at Danubius University will guide you through this procedure.

Non-EU/EEA citizens coming from countries that have a visa-regime with Romania must check if they need a visa to come to Romania and the conditions to obtain the visa. Information about Romanian visa can be found on the Ministry Foreign Affairs page.
Visa applications can be submitted to the diplomatic missions and consular posts of Romania. The list can be accessed at:
The long term residence visa for studies is granted for 90 days. After entering Romania, you must obtain a residence permit attesting your residence right in Romania, which you can obtain from Galati County Immigration Service. In order to obtain the residence permit, you will personally submit a series of documents, with at least 30 days before the expiry of your residence right, granted by the visa. Your coordinator from the Erasmus+ Office at Danubius University will guide you through this procedure.