Faculty of Law


The Faculty of Law within the "Danubius" University of Galati assumed a student-centered teaching mission, structured around the following objectives:
●     the training of legal professionals with a solid professional training, based on the solid assimilation of the science of law and of related sciences, on the understanding of the spirit which sums up the knowledge that provides the specialized training in the legal field into a whole;
●     the permanent correlation of theory with the practical application of knowledge, the building of the capacity of applying the assimilated knowledge, the grasping of their practical destination;
●    the fusing of legal training with the objective to achieve a healthy moral education, focused on learning and promoting authentic values such as honesty, justice, honesty, fairness, human solidarity, tolerance and non-discrimination etc .;
●    stimulating and nurturing the creative spirit of the students' interest for following and learning all that is new and valuable in the field for which they are preparing;
●     educating the tradition of free thought and of academic democracy, of moral ethics, in the spirit of recognition of the rights and fundamental liberties of man.